What is the fabric content on Plain Jane Bedding?
All of our fabrics are 100% cotton and are completely washable.

How do I wash my bedding?
All bedding should be washed in cold water on a delicate cycle and dried in a cool dryer ("fluff cycle").

How are Plain Jane Bumpers constructed? How thick are Plain Jane bumpers?
We design Plain Jane's Bumper with the safety of your child in mind. Our bumpers are 10 inches high and have a thickness of 1 1/2" with ties on both top and bottom. Our 1 1/2" thickness addresses concerns associated with bumpers of an exaggerated thickness and weight in regard to their potential relationship to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

When should I remove my bumper from the crib?
We suggest removing the crib bumper when a child can pull him or her self into a standing position to avoid entanglement and/or use as a 'stepping stone' to get out of the crib. We are also aware that many of our customers never remove the bumper from their crib. Know thy child. . .

Why are your crib skirts 14" long?
Our skirts are designed to allow for the crib to be at its lowest level (where it is for the longest amount of time) allowing the skirt to brush the floor. When the crib is at its higher levels, the skirt will float above the floor.

What are the best blankets for babies and when?
Receiving Blanket: Baby's first blanket - this lightweight flannel backed 36" x 36" square is terrific for swaddling your infant, to travel with, and may become your child's security blanky.
Duvet Cover with insert: Duvets are appropriate for toddlers 12 months and beyond due to the weight and size (36" W x 50" L). We know that 12 months seems like a long time from now but we suggest ordering this item at the same time as the rest of your bedding to prevent problems that might arise that are out of our control…different dye lots, discontinued fabrics, etc. Duvets are also useful as playmats and decoration. Our duvet covers have a button closure at the bottom edge. Although we adhere buttons as tightly as possible, all buttons should be checked regularly for loosening. Tighten by re-stitching if necessary.

How are decorative pillows used in a nursery?
Decorative pillows are just that - decoration! If displayed in a crib, they should be removed from the crib immediately upon baby's entry. Our pillow collections are terrific for sprucing up an existing chair or sofa.

Are your sheets child-safe?
Our sheets have elastic that is continuous around the edges (not just at the corners) and 10 pounds of pressure can be exerted while pulling at the corners without the sheet coming off.

Are fabric swatches available for the bedding?
Yes, fabric swatches are available upon request.

What ages are appropriate for the Table and Chair Sets?
The ages we consider appropriate are 18/24 months up to 8 years.

How do I care for my Plain Jane furniture?
You will receive many years of enjoyment and use from your Plain Jane furniture if you follow these simple care instructions. Clean with mild dishwashing soap and warm water on a soft cloth or paper towel. Pat dry, never scrub with any abrasive material. For extreme situations, use a commercial cleaner such as "409" or Fantastic on a soft cloth. If you find you then need to restore or even-out the luster of the surface, use a "Butcher's Wax" and follow the manufacturers instructions.

What is a distressed finish?
Lovingly worn antiques are the inspiration for Plain Jane's distressed finishes. Each piece of our furniture is hand painted, sanded and finished with polyurethane. Our finishing process encourages the natural characteristics of the wood, such as grain and knots, to show through. We feel these natural features enhance the unique beauty of each piece and should not be considered flaws. Please note that more contrast between the crib color and the color of the raw wood will result in a more distressed look. i.e. Buttermilk(right) shows very little distressing and Navy(left) or White show more distressing.

How can I tell what the furniture colors are?
Paint swatches are available on paper and are a fairly accurate showing of color without the distressed finish. Email us your request and we will send it to you within a week.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Generally ships within two to four weeks.
Shelf, Pegrail, Hangers, Picture Frames/Mirror, Clock, Stepstool, Wastebasket and Tissue Box ship within 2-4 weeks.
Small Furniture:
Table & Chair Sets, Nightstand and Lamp ship within 8 weeks.
Large Furniture:
Cribs, Dressers, Changing Tables, & Gliders should ship within 8-12 weeks. Confirm actual shipping time when ordering.

Why are some of the lead times longer than others?
Many items take longer to be shipped out because they are made especially for the customer at the time of order.

All of our products are custom built to order. Therefore Plain Jane generally does not accept returns. We ask that you please ensure you are committed to your purchase before ordering. However, if you decide not to keep your order, you may call us to arrange for a return.
All returns must be made within 30 days of receipt of order.
The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping in both directions.

If you receive a damaged item, you must notify Plain Jane immediately. All packaging must be saved and repackaged for pickup. Plain Jane handles damage claims and replacements through UPS.

Please call to place an order. We welcome your questions.

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